Common name: Monkshood

Aconitum is a hardy herbaceous perennial originiating from western and central Europe.

Most plants grow to around 1 metre tall (39”) and spread to approximately 500mm diameter (18")

It is a plant that is best suited to either growing at the back of the border, or in large containers.

The Purple, Blue or White racemes appear in July / August and make good cut flowers.

Purple Variety
White Variety

The individual flowers (pedicels) that make up the raceme resemble a 'Monk's Hood' hence the common name.

Note; All parts of this plant are poisonous.

Flower Head


Week 12:

Sow seeds in boxes or pans of seed compost and place in a cold frame at a temperature of 10°-12°C (50°-54°F) to germinate.

n.b. Pre-chill seed at around 4°C (40°F) for four weeks prior to sowing.

Germination may take 6-12 months.

Transplant the seedlings into 70mm (3”) pots or a nursery bed when they are large enough to handle.

Week 35:

Cut back stems after flowering to encourage new growth, or wait until Week 40 and cut them down to ground level.

Week 40:

If required divide plants to increase stock.

Plant out new plants in partial shade* 400mm (15”) apart in moisture retentative soil anytime from now until March.

* They can also be planted out in areas that get full sun provding the root area is in the shade, hence their suitability for the back of the border where the plants in front of them will offere this shade.

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