Harrogate Autumn Show - 2013

I had the pleasure of visiting this show yet again on Friday the 13th September, and as always it was excellent.

The weather was a bit overcast in the morning, and rather wet in the afternoon.

This did not really detract from my viewing, as something like 70-80% of this show is under cover, and this allowed me to get around the outdoor attractions in the morning, and leave the indoor areas till later when it rained.

I think the only thing I could fault at the show was the lighting in Halls 1 & 2, which is very high up in the roof space.

I noticed that the organiser had addressed this issue a little since last year, by covering the showbenches in white backing cloth, as opposed to the tradional black,and this helped a lot in showing the exhibits off at their best!

I also forgot to adjust my camera setting for this type of lighting, and I try and avoid using 'flash' so many of my pictures have a yellowish tinge to them.

I hope this does not spoil your view of the excellent exhibits.

As always I will lay this blog out in sections similar to how it was laid out at the show.

With so much to see, and photograph, I had to make a decision on how to tackle this issue as it was just impossible to photograph everything!

What I did was: I photographed all the winners in the vegetable categories (unless otherwise indicated)

In the other areas I tended to go for the exhibits that caught my eye, so I hope you like what I chose!

*By the way the pictures are generally in alphabetical or numerical order not as they were actually laid out, and as a general rule clicking on the pictures will either enlarge them or engage a slide show!

The Show Gardens

There did not seem to be as many gardens this year as in the past.

Having said that the few that were there were quite good!

There was no theme this year other than the organisers had asked for the garden construction materials to be mainly of Recycled Materials.

Much of the timber took the form of old pallets,wooden boxes and old floor joists from demolition sites!


Kin Space


Artisans Retreat


Herbs by the Kerbs


The Light at the End of the Tunnel


The Thyme to Dine


Work Rest and Play


The White Garden


Under the Rainbow

Hall 1

This hall was filled with Trade Stands and as I mentioned above, I just took pictures of the stands that caught my eye!

Hall 2

This was one of the busiest halls which was not surprising as it contained the Vegetable exhibits including;

The Heaviest and Longest vegetables*, and The North of England Vegetable Championships.

(* Iam not aware if any world records were broken, but the Onion record was certainly not broken)

The National Vegetable Society Open Championship Winners:
















Heaviest / Longest Vegetables.

Now you can compare the pride and joy you grew this year with the Champions!


Beetroot -11.4kg


Pumpkin - 84.9kg


Tomato -2.06kg


Potato -2.282kg


Carrot -6.5kg


Onion -15lb 1½oz


Cucumber -34 inches


Rhubarb -Heaviest stalk


Runner Bean -29½inches


Leek -6kg


Parsnip -3.4kg


Marrow -50.5kg


Cabbage -30.5kg

Hall 4

Cactus and Succulents

Although I grow a few of these, I have never really taken them seriously, but like most hobby plants its lovely to see what the experts can do with them!


Like the Cactus, I grow a few of these but without much success.

I did have a chat with one of the experts on how to stiffen the stems, and apparently it is down to the type of feeding and when!


There didn't seem as many exhibits this year?

There seemed to be more multivase classes this year as opposed to the single three vase class.

Perhaps the the exhibitors were more up to the greater challenge that the multi-vase classes gives!

Five Large

Nine vases of Five Large

Five Medium


Another excellent year for exhibits, but apparently it has been a very difficult year for growing them.

I had a word with one or two of my grower friends, and apparently the hot weather and sometimes cool nghts, have caused many of their flowers to damp off, and on occasions become daisy eyed

But as always these guys were up to what mother nature threw at them, as can be seen in the quality of these exhibits!


There was simply loads of fruit on display but I just didn't have the time to take more pictures.


I grow around one hundred of these but sadly not to this sort of quality!

As always I was spoiled for choice as to which vases to photograph, so I hope you like the few that I chose!


Cherry Berry


Pink Elegance


Darlin' Clementine


Flevo Dancer


Huron Mask


Huron Silk


Ivory Queen


As I was viewing these exhibits I mentioned to a lady nearby doing the same, I don't particuarly like Roses, and she wondered why!

Then I told her: it may be more of a case they don't like me, as I always seem to get cut to ribbons with them and she laughingly agreed.

Having said that: I do like the idea of displaying them in picture frames, I think this shows them off at their best!


Bowl for Effect


12 Miniature Blooms


12 Miniature Blooms


12 Floribundas


6 HT's One variety


Six mini flora One variety


Six miniflora blooms

two or more varieties




Mini flora


Mini flora

Halls 3a, 3b and 3c

These halls were filled with various stalls, cafes and trade stands.

Here I was a able to meet up with some friends on the Seed and Society stands and discuss how the past year has gone, plus buy my seeds for next year at one pound per packet, which as you will appreciate, saved me a packet!

Then I was able to do a bit of food and drink tasting, where I ended up buying some boooootiful home baked bread, and specialist sausages!

The Floral Art

This is always one of my favourite parts of the show!

Just how these exhibitors (Artists) can come up with so many variations on a one word or short phrase theme just amazes me!

I had a good chat with a few of the ladies who produce these wonderful displays, and picked up a few tips into the bargain.

So all in all it was a good day at Harrogate Autumn Flower & Vegetable Shpw 2013

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