Harrogate Spring Show - 2015

Part 2

In this part of the blog I plan to cover the remainder of the events at the show, and once again I will discuss these events individually.

Where better to start with that harbinger of spring The Daffodil show

I had a chat with a few of the organisers of the show and the appeared to be quite happy with the turn out of exhibitors and the quality of their flowers.

Over the years I have taken loads of pictures of Daffodils and this show was no different.

My problem was trying to remember the varieties I already have on file, some day I hope to get around to deleting the varieties that I have duplicated.

As I have taken around 25-30 photos I will display these on a slide show, so as always click on the picture to engage the show.


As always there were many societies present at the show, too many to get involved with but here a a few pictures of some that caught my eye:

The Bonsai show is always impressive but the thing I have noticed most of all about this show over the years is that the content is pretty much the same each year.

This is not surprising when you consider that many of of the exhibits are tens of years old, so unlike many of the other society shows where the exhibitors replace much of there stock each season the 'bonsai' growers just seem to go on forever.

But I still have to take my hat off to them for their patience, so for that reason I thought I would show off some of their work here.

A Bonsai Forest

Acer palmatum 'Desmojo'

Juniperus itoigawa(Chinese Juniper)

Taxus baccata (Yew)

Acer palmatum 'Sankake'

Japanese Larch & Cotoneaster

Acer platanoides

Acer palmatum 'Kito-noito

Acer spicatum

Pinus sylvestras (Scots Pine)

Other Societies

Auricula & Primula Society

Hardy Plant Society

Rose Society

Dig For Victory

There was a theme running through the entire show commemorating WW2 with various trades stands and other recognising the event.

I am normally not one single out any particular part of a show but in this case I will make an exception as the Leeds District Allotment Gardeners Federation really pulled the stops out as you can see here.

The exhibit was rather large so I have taken a few shots from different angles to try and capture what I saw!

In the Small Garden section there was another exhibit on the same theme so I thought I would display here rather than in the garden section which I will cover later.


On the Beaches, the Fields and the Streets

Flower Portrait of Winston Churchill

This portrait was created to celebrate the the forthcoming 70th anniversary of VE Day by florist Lucy Hutton of Branching Out Floral Design, Richmond, and Thirsk florist Libby Rowley who also lectures at East Durham College.

The portrait took approximately 1,400 carnations, hundreds of salal leaves and eight hours to complete.

Pocket Gardens

This category was another themed event where school children were encouraged to commerate the "Dig for Victory" campaign by constructing a one metre square flower and vegetable garden.

The Small Gardens

* The accompanying descriptions with each garden was taken from the information placards along side each garden.

Perennial Embrace

A relaxing place for reflection, contemplation and thought.

A modern garden designed to be located within a walled south facing garden in the north of England.

Complete with still reflection pools and planted with a variety of perennials and Buxus balls for shape and form, combining spring and summer colours.

The garden offers a calm, uncluttered oasis for contemplation, where geometric lines are softened with beautiful planting.

Designed to be simple, uncluttered and hold those close to us both in person and in our hearts.

A Quiet Retreat

Centred on a focal point water feature this semi-circular design is part of a larger garden

It provides a place for quiet reflection away from the hustle and bustle of the day where colourful planting and the sound of water soothe the senses.

A Space Within a Space

A contemporary space designed with a writer in mind.

The garden has unrestricted central space providing a blank page conducive to reflection and and creative inspiration.

The timber framework is punctuated with trimmed box and flowering heathers.

The tranquil mood is complemented by a copper lined rill, while buxus topiary, coloured callunas and white herbaceous planting complete the simple yet sophisticated theme.

A Yorkshire Roof Garden

The garden has been designed to create a rooftop retreat from the ground up in any town house garden.

A trickling water feature and cascading stone path meander through the garden.

The garden features two distinct bespoke seats - one of galvanised steel, the other of traditional oak timber, both perfect to take in the views and enjoy the pool and rill cascading onto the pebbles.

A simple planted frame for climbers gives height to the rear of the garden.

Bubbling Waters

A shallow bubbling pool is the focal point of this design.

It is fringed by a decked walkway and sitting area beneath a timber pergola with rustic bruck pillars at the base.

Grasses and hardy palms sway in the gentle breeze to give a calming effect.

A pond feature is optional.

Durham Flower Festival

This garden is celebrating the Durham Flower festival later this year.

The garden represents the tradition and community involvement at village shows.

It incorporates an assortment of plants and vegetables, many of which can be found on exhibition show benches across the county.

A traditional vegetable cart is one of the focal points, together with features and landmarks of the Durham area.

Exploring Biophilia

This garden is inspired by biophilia our innate connection to the natural world.

Using lush planting to mirror nature, pools of natural light and tactile surfaces to lead you through the space.

The garden can also delve into our instinctive dependancy on nature as a source of beauty,health and spiritual meaning.

In the Garden

This garden is designed to give a glimpse of a larger garden featuring a bespoke summerhouse with patio and lawn.

It aims to to show people what can be achieved in a small space.

The informal planting combines small trees, conifers, shrubs and perennials to provide year round colour and interest.

Its Still Me

This garden has been designed to cater for the needs of elderly people with mental health problems.

It is designed in a loop so that the person/s come back to the same place and prevent disorientation.

It features a wheelchair freindly potting station and seating where you can sit with family or friends.

Sensory planting combines calming whites,blues, purples ans silver-grey plants and evergreen structural specimens to give all the year round interest.

Learning to Rebloom

This garden represents the healing power of nature,with different sections to show how natures diversity can help people recover from a range of illnesses, as well as creating friendships and bonds to reduce isolation and loneliness.

Planting reflects the journey people take to re-blooming through nature and central to the garden is a large willow sculpture representing Mother Nature.

The Rustic Retreat

A low maintenance, wildlife friendly, outdoor living space that uses new and recycled materials to provide a large sheltered seating area with views over raised borders for relaxing and entertaining.

The garden features three insect hotels, as well as a birdbalh and table to encourage wildlife.

Planting is a mix of evergreen shrubs, perennials and grasses to compliment and soften the hard landscaping and includes a living wail as a backdrop to a solar powered water feature.

The Rustic Retreat Garden shows how even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a unique personalised space that is functional, practical and has a wow factor.

How 2 Create a Garden in 60 Minutes

This new feature to the Harrogate show gave a demonstration on the basic techniques of creating a garden.

It was carried out by Askham Bryan College students studying for the RHS Level 2 Practical and Level 2 Principles in Horticulture, under the tuition of BBC Radio York's garden expert Nigel Harrison.

The challenge was to showcase and build a Contemporary and /or a Cottage style garden, where either one would be built in 60 minutes or less.

In addition to this, the aim was to give ideas and inspiration to the onlookers while still having fun showing how 2 carry out several garden skills including garden design.

These skills included:

The correct way to plant a tree.* How to lay stone for paved patio area and paths.

How to put up a fence.* The best way to lay gravel.

How to lay turf.* How to plant a container.

Planting new borders.* Combining colour in the garden.* Site preparation.

The Prepared site

60 minutes later

One done earlier

Trade Stands

Last but not least the trade stands who never cease to impress me on how to show of their wares.

There was one stand in particular that really impressed me and that was Robert James and his Literary Masterpieces in Bronze.

However when I saw their price list I am afraid they were beyond my purchasing power.

But no matter I could always take a few pictures and 'wish', so I did.

The remainder of the trade stands can be seen here:

...and that completes your virtual visit to Harrogate Spring Show 2015!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the live show...Tg

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