Harrogate Spring Show - 2015

Part 1

On the 23rd of April I had the pleasure of visiting yet another Harrogate Spring Show so I thought I would record some of what I saw here in my blogspot!

The day didn't start off too well as it took me around two and three quarter hours to travel the forty miles to the show ground which was a bit frustrating.

The delay was due mainly to a combination of the rush hour traffic and roadworks.

When I finally got the show ground my first port of call was to have a cup of coffee and plan my line of attack for the day!

In previous years I have usually planned to visit the show gardens first and then proceeded to the other parts of the show, trouble is, it seems that many other visitors usually have the same plan, so the garden area becomes quite crowded at this time of the day, and in turn the crowds make it quite difficult to take pictures.

This year I decided to leave the gardens till later in the day when the area is much quieter.

In doing so, this means that I can get wider shots of the gardens due to there being fewer people around.

In addition to that, in previous years I have often found that due to having insufficient time I often reached the Floral Art marquee last and often found that I was too short of time to have a proper look around, so this year I went there first and found the place relatively quiet in terms of people, this meant that I got the place pretty much to myself and subsequently took many pictures as you will see later in the blog.

With so much to see I ended up taking around 200 pictures which as you will appreciate would take up a great deal of space if I displayed them in a 'picture book' fashion, so I have decided that I will work with a combination of slide shows and thumbnail pictures.

In each case clicking on a picture will either generate a slide show or a picture enlargement, I hope you do not find this too much of an inconvenience.

Similarly I will sub-divide the content to form two blogs e.g. The Floral Art Show and the Horticultural show.

As I mentioned above I started my day looking at the Floral Art so I thought that is as good a place to start the first blog!

Floral Art Show

The Floral Art marquee was laid out in many themed sections and I will cover these in alphabetical order.

Al fresco

The brief that the artists had was as follows:

The exhibit will be staged at floor level on a 100cm square board painted Crown mimosa.

The maximum height of the exhibit will be 210cm.

The exhibit is to be viewed and judged from the front.


This category was for students with less than two years experience in the flower trade.

Their brief was to construct an arrangement for a film premiere.

The allowed space was 60cm wide, 60cm deep and a maximum of 90 cm high.

The prerequisite was the use of fresh flowers and foliage, although accessories could be added if required.

There was a large entry in this class so I have displayed these as a slide show.


This exhibit had to be constructed using a stand 75cm high by 61cm in diameter and the maximum diameter of the exhibit was to be 80 c.

The background was prepainted with Crown mimosa solo emulsion and the finished exhibit would be viewed and judged from all directions.


This exhibit was staged on a diagonal base raised 75cm off the floor.

The exhibit dimensions were to be within 76cm x 76cm and 98cm high.

The background and base would be matt black emulsion.

Flowers for Fun

I didn't find any literature on these so I guess it was just a case of just having fun as the title suggests!

Nursery Rhymes


Our Town

Picture This.

Garden Styles

These were quite large exhibits constructed by various NAFAS societies.

Enchanted Garden

Italian Garden

Japanese Garden

Monastry Garden

Patio / Courtyard

Prairie Garden

White Garden

Recycled Garden

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Under Water Garden

God's Own County

The brief for these exhibits was to construct an arrangement depicting a Yorkshire attraction.

The sizes allowed were: 100cm wide by 90cm wide with a maximum height of 210cms.

The exhibit will be 75cm off the floor with a white fabric background.

Natural materials to predominate and accessories may be included.

Heads Up

The breif this time is to design and create a head piece for a special occasion, including naming the occasion.

The space alowed is to be 60cm wide by 60cm deep with a maximum height of 90cm.

Fresh flowers and foliage to predominate and accessories can be included.

In Praise of the High Street.

This was an exhibition by various floristry colleges depicting places you would find on the High street.

The Bakery by

East Durham College

A Boutique by

Askham Bryan College

A Cafe by

Shipley College

A Greengrocers by

Tyne Metropolitan College

A Sports Shop by

Wigan & Leigh College

A Sweet Shop by

Bishop Burton College

Leading Lady

The category was for students with less than three years experince in the floristry trade.

They were required to design and produce a hand tie to give to a leading lady at a film premiere.

The space allowed was 60cm wide by 60cm deep with a maximum height of 90cms.

Fresh flowers and foliage to predominate, and accessories can be included.

Princess Bride

The purpose here was to design a bouquet that would be carried by a princess at her wedding.

The space allowed was 60cm by 60cm although the exhibit may trail over the front of the staging.

Fresh flowers and foliage to predominate and accessories can be used if necessary.

Reflective Pools

An exhibit constructed on an 81cm by 51cm frame 75cm above a reflective surface and infilled with 5cm by 5cm weldmesh

The base board is to be 122cm by 92cm and painted with crown mimosa solo emulsion.

The exhibit is to be viewed and judged from the front.

The Elements

I did not see any literature specifying the title of category or sizes so I have taken the liberty of naming it 'The Elements' as they were entitled - Fire and Water.

Tis the Season

These exhibits were the entries in the North East Heat of the WAFA Elimination Contest.

The designated area was 140cm by 140cm and the height was optional.

The exhibit was required to be viewed all around it but judged from the front.

Were Celebrating

These was a class for various Flower Clubs.

The exibit had to be staged on a black 100cm board and have a maximum height of 210cms.

Judging would be viewed all around the exhibit.

That concludes this section of of my visit to Harrogate Spring Show 2015

Part two can be seen here:

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