Harrogate Autumn show - 2012

Each year I try to visit this show for the principle reason that most of the Specialist Societies have their annual show here!

The visits allows me to keep abreast of what is being grown by the specialists, plus I can see the results in 3D as opposed to in a catalogue or on a packet!

There is often the potential to purchase stock of some of the newer varieties, and get tips from the growers on how to get the best out of these varieties.

I was particularly interested in the shows this year because the general concensus seemed to be that this had been a poor growing year, and I wondered if it had affected the top growers much!

But once again their experience and knowhow shon through, even to the point of a few World Records being achieved in the Giant Vegetable category.

The heaviest Onion weighed in at 18lbs 1 oz beating last years record by 1½ oz

These are the specimens I have seen over the last four years;


2009 - 14lb 11oz


2010 - 15lb 9oz


2011 - 17lb 15½oz


2012 - 18lb 1oz

Click on picture to enlarge.

As mentioned lots of Societies make a point of holding their shows at this event, Societies such as The National Onion Society, The National Leek Society and The National Vegetable Society to mention but a few!

Because there was so much to see at the event I have decided to sectionalise this Blog in to a number of areas rather than have one long slide show.

I thought this might be better for those readers who have particular interests, as it allows them the choice of looking at their particular interest on its own, rather than sit through stuff that is not of particular interest to them!

The areas I plan to cover are;The Show Gardens, Cactii, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Fruit & Vegetables, Gladioli, Roses and the Trade Stands, plus a few pictures of some things that caught my eye.

The Garden Border Competition:

This is a relatively new feature to The Harrogate Autumn show, it has only been on the go for about three years, but interest in it is on the increase.

This year there was around double the entries as there was in the first one, which can only be a good thing for the show!

These are the exhibits;

A Quiet Moment in the Garden
A Secret Garden

Bordering on the Edge

By Any Other Name

Contemplation Corner

Green with Envy

O Naturelle

Optical Illusion

The Arrival of the King

The Cream Tea Garden

The Tranquil Far East

The Cactus show:

As usual there were many to see so I selected a few of the winners for my blog.



Lithops (sub group)

Award of merit

The Carnation Show;

Like the Cactii there were many to see so I limited myself to these:

Ann Franklin

Annie Claybourne

Irene Ann

Janelle Welch

Belmont Duchess



Crompton Classic

Best Vase

The Chrysanthemum Show:

I concentrated on the multi vase classes simply because in my opinion these classes show the grower at their best.

It is one thing to get a vase of three blooms but when you enter into a class that has nine vases of five that is just something else!

Three vases of three different classifications
Lorna Wood

Three Vases of three Medium and or Large,

Three Vases of five Medium and or Large.
John Wingfield

Joyce Freda

Six vases of five Large

Nine Vases of five Medium and or Large
Nine Vases of five Medium and or Large
Nine Vases of five Mediums

Nine vases of five not less than five large cultivars

The National Dahlia Society Show:

As an ex-Dahlia exhibitor I was really impressed with the amount of good quality stuff that was on show!

The lads (and possibly lassies) did themselve proud, considering the poor growing season we have had!

I won't harp on too much about what I saw, I'll leave the pictures shown here to do that for me!

Click on the picture to engage the slide show.

The Fruit & Vegetable Show:

First let me apologise for the quality of some of the photos, this is mainly down to what I consider to be poor lighting in the building.

What one must realise is that this hall was designed for Agricultural Equipment etc at the Great Yorkshire Show not a flower & vegetable show.

This is by no means meant as an excuse, but it did create problem in so far as sometimes I needed fashlight to take some pictures and this sometimes was too powerful, other times the ambient/natural light was only just tolerable.

Added to that my forgetfulness of not adjusting my camera setting from close up to distance in some of the pictures also caused a few focussing problems!

Choice was a major factor throughout the entire show, as there was so much to see and photograph.

So I selected things that that caught my eye, and for that matter the judges eye so I hope you like my selection!

Once again because I took quite a few pictures I have resorted to a slideshow again to display them.

Floral Art: Sadly I just didn't have time to visit this show.

The Gladioli Show:

As you can see from the pictures this show was well represented but once again I limited myself to the number of pictures I took.

Cream Perfection
Midnight Rose
Pink Elegance

Roses Show:

This is a flower loved by many but not by me I am afraid, perhaps I have been pricked too many times by the thorns, but when I saw how these blooms were displayed I thought I would make them into "real" pictures.

The Trade Stands:

Last but not least!

A show would not be a show without the companies who display their wares at the many shows across the country.

Sadly over the last two or three years, due to the current recession, they have been somewhat fewer but those that do turn up, year on year are to be congratulated for the appearance of their stands!

Again there were too many to photograph but here are a few that caught my eye.

By the way,I had similar lighting problems in this hall as well, lets hope The Great Yorkshire show funding commitee read this 'blog' and take it upon themselves to invest in some better lighting!

.......and that folks was the Harrogate Autumn Show 2012

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit as much as I enjoyed my live visit!

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