Harrogate Spring Show - 2014

On Friday I had the pleasure of visiting the show once more, and as always I enjoyed what I saw.

The weather left a bit to desired.

The forecasters had predicted it would be dull and overcast in the morning turning to rain after lunch and they were more or less spot on.

While having the obligatory cup of coffee on arrival, we discussed and planned our line of attack in terms of fitting in the outdoor stuff around the weather.

Our first port of call was the Small Gardens.

Things were a bit different this year in terms of the available details about the gardens, normally their is a poster by each garden giving you the title of the garden, who built it, and what it was meant to represent, these were missing!

Cut backs do you think ??

As a result of this I had difficulty sourcing this information which meant that I did not get any details for a few of the gardens, so I hope this lack of detail does not spoil your viewing too much.

Much of the show was themed around the Yorkshire stages of the Tour de France or by its proper name: The Grande Depart hence this picture.

Click on the picture to engage the slide show.

After this we headed for the Daffodil show the epitomy of any Spring show and as always the exhibitors did the visitors proud!

I could have taken hundreds of photos so I narrowed my selection down to those exhibits that particularly caught my eye, so I hope you like my selection;


During the course of the day we passed numerous Trade Stands which are an essential part of the show.

Needless to say there were literally hundreds of stalls and I was spoiled for choice as to which to photograph so once again I have selected just a few!

As always the were a few Societies represented at the show these were a few of them:

Leeds Allotment Association

National Auricula & Primula Society

North of England Bonsai

Due to the size of the show and the amount of time I spent chatting to various stall holders and society volunteers I ran out of time to get around the Floral Art marquee.

I found that I only had thirty minutes to get around and by this time I had three bags of purchases in one hand,my camera in the other.

This meant I took the pictures rather hurriedly in point and shoot mode with the camera in my one free hand.

But worse still!

My camera was still set up in the macro mode I had used when photographing the Daffodils meaning most of the shots I took were out of focus.

Obviously this resulted in me taking some very poor quality pictures!

I hope this does not spoil your viewing too much but after the effort these ladies (and some men I believe) I had to show some of the pictures I took.

....and as always I have to admire how all these artists can produce a different interpretation of a short one line title it just blows me away, pity my artistry with my camera was not so good.

....and that folks concludes my blog on Harrogate Spring Show 2014

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