My Garden & Allotments in November 2013

November was rather a mixed bag in terms of weather.

For example some parts of the country had their first snow, most parts had frosts and below 0°C temperatures and there was quite a bit of rain around, interspersed with some winter sunshine.

This gave a distinctive autumnal look to the garden.


Leaf Drop

click on pictures to enlarge.




Camellia & Cotinus




This has been quite a busy month due to moving my tender plants into the greenhouse and cold frames for winter protection, and preparing the new plot on the allotment.


Inside my heated Greenhouse


Last of the Tomatoes ripening off


Stored Apples

As I mentioned above I have spent quite a lot of time this month preparing the new plot on the allotment.

This has meant digging in areas that were once paths (which was hard work) and putting paths in areas that were previously beds.

Then I had to get some of my fruit bushes moved prior to the soil cooling down.

All in all I am quite satisfied with my progress, and I feel that come Spring the soil will just need tickling up a little and the paths finalising.

Here are a few pictures showing my progress to date:


Looking down

from top left


Looking up

from bottom left


Looking up

from bottom right


Looking down

from top right

Meanwhile, this how my other plot is looking at the moment;


Looking down

from top left


Looking up

from bottom left


Looking down

from top right

Meanwhile, the new tenants on my old plot are now forming beds in the locations they want them as you can see below.

I have still some veg on the go on this plot e.g Sprouts, Leeks and Swedes, which I will remove as required as they are not in the way of the new tenant.

Well that is how it stands at the moment, but I might lift them all after Christmas and freeze them then they can have the run of the place come the 1st of January when the new rental will take effect.


Neighbours progress


What is remaining of

my Brussels Sprouts

I have emptied my greenhouses, but I have not prepared them for planting out yet.

Normally I do my preparation in spring as I find that if I muck my beds now the muck dries up and it would need a good soaking before I could plant out.

This system works quite well as it makes for a bit of inside work when the weather might be quite foul.

I have made an exception with my 8' x 6' greenhouse as the new tenant has shown an interest in it so I thought I would tidy it up in the event that they do decide to buy it!

28ft x 8ft

12ft x 8ft

8ft x 6ft

As I mentioned I have moved some of my fruit bushes so this is how my fruit bed is looking at the moment!

I plan on using the empty bed to grow my Chrysanthemums & Gladioli in next year, unless I change my mind, which I often do, so watch this space!

Looking across Fruit bed

Chrysanthemum bed

Well that about it for the allotments! I seem to be pretty much on top of things considering the changes.


I am pretty much on top of things at home as well as you can see here:

Click on the picture above to see what the rest of the garden looks like!

Finally, these are a few things I have on the go indoors;



Big Apple.








Spider plant

...........and that concludes my 'blog' for November 2013.

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