My Garden & Allotments in October 2013

October although a quite mild month for the time of the year, was also quite wet, with higher than average rainfall.

As mentioned in last months blog I have decided to swap plots with the lady in the next plot.

Meaning this month (between rain showers) we have been moving things around a bit.


Before I could do anything on the new plot, we first had to move the two greenhouses on it over to the plot I was giving up

This took up quite a bit of time as new foundations had to be put in place for these, but the job is now done!


When I started to set out the new plot as I wanted it, I found that there was some very hard digging to do.

Although the plot has been in a state of cultivation for a number of years, and was not a wilderness like others I have taken on in the past, I still had a lot of hard work to do.

For example,where the two greenhouse and the shed had been sited the ground was really compacted as it had never been dug for many many years.

When forming my new layout I found that I was often creating beds in areas that currently were paths,and forming paths on areas that had been recently cultivated, not the ideal situation but necessary if I wanted my planned layout!

The other thing that was against me was the previous tenant had a very high path ratio to growing area, something I wanted to reverse (and have done) this added to the hard digging.

Then if that was not enough,the existing paths were covered in wood chippings and under the chippings was a weed suppressing material, meaning all of this required moving before I coud start my digging my planned bed layout.

Had I realised this earlier I might not have made the swap, but all is well now, the plot is about 80% dug and all that is in the past!


In August I took a few pictures of the beds in the new plot principally to remind me what type of crop was in each of the bed, so that I could take this into consideration for next years planting.

This is how the new plot (Plot 19) looked in August:(click on pictures to enlarge)


Bottom of the Plot


Middle of the Plot


Top of the plot

This is how it looked at the end of this month (Oct);

Looking down plot

from top left

Looking down plot

from top right

Looking up plot

from bottom right

Elsewhere on the allotment was it just a case of harvesting as things came ready as you can see here:


Apple Crop

Pink Fir Apple



Pumpkin crop

This is how my other plots looked at the end of the month:

Plot 20 -

I am still keeping this plot

Plot 21-

The one I am giving up

My beds in the tunnel -

I am giving these up too

I still have a lot of stuff to harvest from Plot 2, things such as Leeks,Sprouts & Calabrese.

Luckily the tenant on my new plot only has a few Leeks and Parsnips to harvest which has allowed me to get on as well as I have done (considering the rain we have had)


Late Calabrese forming


New Loganberry frame

So much for the Allotment!

In terms of my garden at home I have made a start on tidying up for the winter and moving stuff that has outgrown or was unsuited to where I had it.

I have planted out a few Wallflower in front of the shrubs in the herbaceous bed to fetch a bit of clour into the garden after my spring bulbs finish flowerring.

I have tidied up, and pruned where necessary, my shrub and heather bed so they are now set up for the winter.

Had to get this work done early in the month as I knew I would be spending quite a bit of time on the allotments later in the month!

This is a panoramic view of my back garden towards the end of the month, click on it and you will see other areas of my garden during the month.

.....and that concludes my blog for October 2013!

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