My Garden & Allotments in September 2013

September in terms of the weather was a relatively warm month, with temperatures getting into the 20's °C (70's F) at times, although at other times it did get quite cool, with temperatures dropping to around 12°-15° C ( 55°-60°F).

It was quite a dry month with with rainfall being well below average for the time of year.

I managed to fit in one trip this month and that was to the Harrogate Autumn show.

In case you missed it I did a blog about my visit and it can be seen here.

I like September for its autumnal colours many of which you will see in the accompanying slideshows.

September is also the time of year when I like to study my garden planting, and decide if any plants require moving or replacing, this year was no exception and I made a start during the last week of the month.

These two panoramic views will show you how far I have gone with my tidying up, plus I have indicated a bit of 'before & after' in my slide shows to show you how things looked early in the month and how the looked towards the end of the month.

Early September:

Late September:

These pictures will give you a closer look at some of the areas shown above:>>

As always, I generally have a few bits and pieces growing indoors as you can see here:




Phlox paniculata

The Allotments:

Basically this month on the allotment has been about harvesting, and quite a good harvest it has been too!

I have also done a bit of winter digging and prepared a bed for my Japanese Onions and Garlic which I plan to plant out next month!

I have decided to give up Plot 21 next year,(the one in the picture) and in doing so I have decided to do a swap with the lady on the other side of me who has a half plot (Plot 19) and wants a whole one!

I got to thinking two plots are a bit too much for me, and one is not enough, so I think one and a half will do me nicely!

......................and that concludes my blog for September 2013

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